Almost summer — Now what?

There are just two weeks of school left. I’ve been busy with the state end of course exams, auditions, and all the stuff that comes with the end of school.

And for the first time ever, I don’t really have any plans for the summer. I didn’t do the end of year circus shows with Lone Star Circus for the first time since I was 7. I’m not going out of state to summer camp. And, although I applied for and got a summer job, I decided not to take it after all.

So I’m looking at several weeks of time off. I’m taking some online classes for extra credit, but that’s about it. I’ve been working on some new music, and I’ve had several auditions, but nothing is booked right now.

It feels funny to be heading into summer without a busy schedule already planned out.

Kameron Badgers in the 2017 film ChaptersI need a new demo reel, so that’s one thing I’ll be working on. It’s hard to get clips for your demo reel even when you work a lot, because there can be a gap of many months or even several years between when you film something and when it airs or the DVD comes out. I have some new, fairly recent footage from the Reelz channel TV series Murder Made Me Famous: Angry Betty Broderick. 

We just got some clips from the film Chapters, and I am looking forward to seeing the whole thing soon. I play a high school student who’s getting beat up regularly by his father. Here’s a screen capture from the film. Parts of it are pretty intense, especially one scene where I get thrown around a parking lot.

But I need something else. A TV pilot I was in just got picked up, but it will be months before it airs and I can see if my scenes made the cut or not.

I filmed a cool audition the other day. Here are some screen shots from it. Fingers crossed — I thought I did a good job, but you never really know what they want, and you are always just doing the best you can.

Dallas actor Kameron Badgers in a taped audition May 2017

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