Introduction: Who I Am

Kameron Badges rHeadshot 2018My name is Kameron Rie Badgers. I’m an actor, circus performer, and student at Lake Highlands High School.

I’m 17 years old, and I live with my grandparents and four dogs named Jasmine, Sadie, Raglan, and Suchi. Jasmine is a medium-sized dog who is part German Shepherd and several other breeds. She’s the same age I am, which is pretty old for a dog.

Sadie is my new puppy. I adopted her at the city animal shelter a couple of months ago, and I’m spending a lot of time this summer training her.  She’s a mixed breed — part Anatolian and part Australian Shepherd, and she has heterochromia, which means one blue eye and one brown eye. Sometimes that means a dog is deaf, but Sadie’s hearing is just fine.

Her fur is so soft that she feels more like a stuffed animal than a dog. But right now she’s shedding all over the place and sweeping it all up is a chore I could do without.



Raglan and Suchi are Tibetan Terriers. Sadie and Jasmine came from the pound, but Raglan and Suchi come from a famous breeder who wins all kinds of big awards for her dogs. Raglan and Suchi aren’t show dogs, though. They’re just part of the family. My grandma calls them Tibetan Terrorists sometimes because they love to play and chew things up.

I play guitar, write music, juggle, and like to “base” acrobatic pyramids. I also love aerial silks and trapeze.


I’m an actor, and I’ve worked on several movies and TV shows. I take acting classes from Nancy Chartier. (If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Longmire, be sure to catch her this season!) She’s great, and she teaches kids, teens, and adults — so many famous faces come through the door there.

The thing that I like most is spending time with my family.  We like to go to live shows (magic, circus, theater, and concerts), and to travel. I’ve been to a lot of places (New York City, Boston, Nashville). This summer, we decided to drive home from summer camp in Vermont, and we went to Niagara Falls, Ohio, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas. I was only home for one day before I left for Las Vegas. I can’t wait for the next trip!

You can find me on Twitter as @kameronbadgers, and on Facebook as Kameron Badgers, or on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) at

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12 thoughts on “Introduction: Who I Am

  1. Hi Kameron! I worked with your grandmother at Distribion and I got to see videos and pictures of you all the time. I personally have no balance at all and I am really impressed with your circus skillls. It is awesome to see such a young person so passionate about an activity!

  2. This is a great blog about yourself and what you enjoy doing Kameron. I say continue to become great at what you love and from this blog it sounds like you’re doing the right things to better yourself. This is real neat to see the next generation filling the spots of the old generation. My kids absolutely LOVE going to the circus and seeing clowns perform. Sounds like you’re living your dream. Much success as you continue to grow in this fun and exciting venture!!!

  3. Hi Kameron I am so proud with what you are doing with your time keep it up love grandpa Jerry and grandma Patty

  4. Hey Kameron! This is Nic Rainone(Zerp), I’d like to talk to you and your Grandmother about your Circus career! Please have her email me, and nice website!!

  5. Hi, Zerp!

    How cool is it that you found my blog! I got a set of juggling knives like yours — they are so cool. Thanks for showing me how to use yours, and letting me try them!

    Where are you — are you back in Dallas? I’d love to see you perform again!

    Thanks for saying nice things about the blog — it means a lot coming from someone I respect as much as I respect you.

    All the best, Kameron

  6. Hi Kameron! Nancy Chartier was my associate coach at R.E.A.C.T. for 17 years. She’s great with kids and teens!!!!

  7. I agree, Ms. Condrey — Nancy Chartier is a great teacher! I have been in two or three movies where every person under 21 in the film was one of her students. I feel lucky to be in her classes. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Hi Kameron, I was looking for information on how fast radish seeds grow (I needed answers right away, so I couldn’t just go out and plant some myself) and I stumbled across your blog. You are one impressive kid, and a really engaging writer. Keep it up!

  9. Kameron, Can you email me a link for your complete Seedling/EMF project? What I saw on the web was before the Science Fair and you said complete work would be posted after the Fair. Thank you!

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