Well, it’s here. My 16th birthday. Seems like I’ve been waiting to be 16 for a long time. My grandparents started asking me months ago about a party, but I didn’t really want a party. So we went out to dinner at a steakhouse with just my grandparents and my best friend Devin, and had cake at the house.

I got a lot of cool presents, and my acting coach Nancy Chartier surprised me with balloons, presents and another cake, too.

Now that I’m 16, I plan on getting my driver’s license soon. I’m not sure when, though.

It was a pretty busy weekend — I had a big audition taping I had to get ready for, so I worked part of my birthday weekend. But that’s cool. I had fun, too.  Here are some pictures.

Kameron Badgers with Birthday Cake April 2017

I had a strawberry tres leches cake this year — I really like the moist cake better than most of the cakes people serve for birthdays!

This year I asked mostly for clothes. I got three pairs of pants, 2 hoodies, 2 sweatshirts, four 2-shirts, and some new shoes, plus some really cool socks. My uncle Geoff is a huge KISS fan, and he and his girlfriend Tabetha got me a couple of CDs plus a KISS t-shirt and a 21 Pilots t-shirt.

Kameron Badgers

My acting coach, Nancy Chartier, surprised me with a bunch of ballons, cake, and presents. She is so cool!

2 thoughts on “FINALLY, 16!

  1. Kameron so glad you had such a good birthday celebration. You have come such a long way from that little boy I met and Santa Mike talked to at the reunion.  I know he’s proud of you and so am I. You are a handsome, smart, talented young man and you will go far I am sure.

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