New Haircut, New Headshots

I cut my hair recently. It may not look it, but it’s quite a bit shorter than it was. So, of course, a change in hairstyle meant it was time for new headshots.  It was probably time anyway — you really need new ones every six months or so when your looks are changing.

Todd Jenkins shot these for me.  What do you think?  I like them.

Kameron Badgers Feature headshot April 2017

We’ll probably wind up using this one the most, for general film & TV submissions. It’s the most casual.

Kameron Badgers Commercial Headshot B April 2017

We’ll probably use one of these two photos for commercial submissions. Sometimes they want a “tight” headshot — but usually they want more of a head and shoulders picture.

Kameron Badgers Commercial Headshot C Aprilo 2017

The funniest thing about these is that these aren’t my clothes. The orange plaid shirt is a costume from a film I shot — they told us to take them home when they were done. (I think the wardrobe guy bought them at a resale shop.) And the gray jacket belongs to my cousin Zach McAlister — he left it at our grandma’s house. I’ve worn it on a TV show, and for more than one photo shoot.  Wonder if he wants it back?

Todd Jenkins is a great photographer. If you need headshots, contact him.  He’s very patient, very affordable, and he does good work. Todd is also a videographer and actor — he films a lot of my taped auditions, and he’s very good at that, too.

This is the second time he’s done my headshots, and I have liked them both times.

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