I got cast + I got a callback + I’m a cartoon: My week so far

Wow. This is a pretty cool week so far. I think I was due for one, because the last couple haven’t been all that great with my sister being in the hospital and me having a cold. I still have my cold, and I want it gone.

But otherwise, some really cool things have happened this week — and it’s only Wednesday!

  • I got cast in a bit part in a new ABC TV pilot being filmed here in Dallas.  It stars Anna Pacquin from True Blood, and Oscar winner Reece Witherspoon is the executive producer.  How cool is that?  Costume fitting today, filming tomorrow.
  • I got a callback for a part in a cool new movie. Callbacks are on Saturday.
  • I started guitar lessons yesterday. My first song is Metallica’s Enter Sandman.
  • I’m a cartoon. It’s in the style of a famous cartoonist named Roy Lichenstein.

What do you think about me as a cartoon? An Indonesian artist named Gilang takes photos and turns them into Lichenstein-inspired cartoon images on a website called Fiverr. They cost just $5, and my grandma thought this would be a cute image for a birthday party invitation or something, so she bought one based on my headshot.

Kameron Badgers as a cartoon

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