Almost Spring, But No Spring Break for Me!

Kameron Badgers Spring officially starts on March 20, but this week is spring break for a lot of schools in Texas. Not for me, though. I didn’t start my home school program until the beginning of October, so if I want to get done before August, I can’t take a spring break.

I’ve been working and auditioning a lot lately and that has taken time away from school, too. Then my sister wound up in the hospital for a week, and I had to cancel a day of filming and miss a couple of days of school. So while most of my friends are complaining that it’s rained throughout spring break, I’m fine with it because I’m inside, working on physics and civics. You don’t need sunshine for that!

I’ll try to post more often, but I just haven’t had much to say. I can’t talk about the filming I’ve been doing — the studio had us all sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that says we’ll be fired if pictures or information about what we are doing end up on social media before they say it’s ok.

Two of my favorite bands — Shattered Sun and Darkness Divided — were in town last weekend. It was an “adults only” show for people over 21, so I couldn’t go. So my uncle Geoff McAlister talked to the bands and told them what a huge fan I am, and they sent me some cool stuff — t-shirts, a ball cap, and even a pair of shorts. I practically live in the Darkness Divided hoodie I got for Christmas, and now I have even more stuff from my favorite bands.

Darkness Divided is a Christian metalcore band — very different from a lot of Christian rock bands! And Shattered Sun is just a great heavy metal band. Can’t wait until they do a show at a venue I can go to. You can bet I’ll be there wearing all the cool stuff they gave me! What a bunch of nice guys.

Another cool thing that happened is that I got a guitar — two of them, actually — and I start lessons next week. So even without a spring break, I’m having a pretty cool spring. (Actually, it’s very cool, since it’s raining and cold this week. But that’s another story.)

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