Zingari! The Lone Star Circus Holiday Show is Here!

Zingari is an Italian word for gypsy. Circus people are a bit like the old-time gypsy people — always on the road, very colorful and sometimes flamboyant people. So this show is a tribute to the circus families who travel the world showing their skills. That’s the name for this year’s Lone Star Circus holiday show. The Dallas Morning News called it a “Caravan of Thrills”.

Some of the shows for Zingari are sold out, but there are still tickets available for most shows.  It runs through January 3, and there are afternoon and evening performances most days.  Tickets range from $27-48, and there are no bad seats in Dallas Children’s Theater, located at 5938 Skillman (just north of Northwest Highway). Go to dct.org or call 214.978.0110 to get your tickets.

Kids love the Lone Star Circus holiday show — and so do grown-ups. But one of the reasons kids enjoy it so much is that for 45 minutes before each show, they can interact with circus kids (like me) and try out some circus skills for themselves.  The performers on the main stage come from all over the world — though some of the best ones are from right here in Dallas.

Come to the show — and if you do, make sure you stop by and say hi to me before you take your seats!

Laila Babahaji and Kameron Badgers in Zingari Pre-Show Dec 27 2015

Laila Babahaji (in red) is a fabulous hula hoop artist, and she’s great at working with kids who want to try out their own hooping skills. I juggle, and I show kids (or adults) who want to learn to juggle the basics. It’s a lot of fun.


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