Scenes from “Changed” — Take a Look!

Jackie Haidar, the director of a short film called Changed, sent me some of the footage from the film. This is the “raw” footage of a scene — all the takes we did to get exactly what the director wanted.

These “outtakes” of me with August Jaeggli and Carter Vance probably won’t make it into the final film. August and I play bullies who pick on Carter’s character, Junior. It’s kind of funny, because we’re both smaller than he is. But, just like in real life, film bullies don’t always look the way you’d expect a bully to look.

So if you’ve ever wondered what actors really do on a film set, this is pretty much it. We do the same things over and over again until the director is satisfied. Sometimes we have to redo something because a car drives by in the background. Sometimes because the lighting isn’t right. And, of course, sometimes, just because it isn’t quite right.

Take a look at this clip, and let  me know what you think!

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