Slow-Motion Juggling Clip from Web TV Series

I had tons of fun last night filming an episode of the second season of a web TV series for a big church.  The series shows how teenagers at a performing arts high school confront ordinary teen problems by learning from the Bible and their faith.

The series is called Faith + Hope + Love, and it’s written by Darrel Campbell. Angela Taylor of the Prestonwood KIDZ Children’s Ministry is the producer.  They have five separate stages set up at the church, and it’s a Disney-style shoot that’s very professionally managed.  Here’s a link to one episode from the first season — you can find the whole first season on Vimeo.

I’m in the second episode of season 2, and I get to play a TV star who visits the school the main characters attend for a fundraiser. In one scene, I run onstage and juggle while the lead character sings.  During the run-through, the director shot a short (41 second) video in slow motion. I think it’s really cool — what do you think?

I’m usually a pretty fast juggler — one of my coaches, Nick Rainone, says I’m a “low and fast” juggler. So I’ve never seen myself in slow motion before. Can’t wait until I can share the whole episode after it is shown next fall, but for now, enjoy the clip!

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