Fighting aliens — Nerf style!

I had so much fun yesterday, running around the woods fighting aliens with a Nerf gun. Well, at least pretending to fight aliens for a TV promo for Nerf.

We were on the grounds of an old abandoned factory on the outskirts of town. The director (Tyler Hill) put some kids and a couple of “moms” in camouflage gear — complete with face paint — and filmed us having a ball with the Nerf guns.

We had so much fun that someone called the police, to report that “shots were fired”. But my grandma — who wasn’t part of the filming — explained what was going on and the police let us keep firing away.

Can’t wait to see the footage! I’d love the chance to work with Tyler again in the future. He knew exactly what he wanted us to do, and gave great directions. I like it when the director tells me what he or she wants — it makes the whole process faster and easier.  We filmed the whole spot in less than 2 hours, and that says a lot about the director and the actors, I think.

Kameron Badgers on set March 18 2015Kameron Badgers on set March 18 2015


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