North Dallas Regional Elementary School Science Fair

Well, the wait is over. Tonight we went to the Curtis Culwell Events Center in Garland to get the results of this year’s North Dallas Regional Elementary School Science Fair.

I placed second in 6th Grade Life Sciences. The project that placed first in my division also won the grand prize for the fair, and it was awesome. Two girls came up with a brand new way to sequence plant DNA using a solvent they created out of household chemicals.

As soon as I saw it yesterday during set-up, I knew it was going to be a finalist. There was some pretty serious science in that project — and how many 11-year-old kids can say they came up with a brand new way to do anything, let along sequence DNA?

I worked hard and I did my best, and I’m proud of my 2nd place trophy.  After the awards, we went out to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse to celebrate. I’m kind of sad that this is my last science fair, at least for the next two years. I’m going to an Arts Magnet junior high next year, and they don’t compete in science fair.  But it’s been fun the last couple of years!

Here’s the project report for my project, if anyone wants to see what I did in detail. I hope that no one will try to copy it and turn it in next year as their own work. That would be wrong, and it wouldn’t help anybody learn. But maybe someone can see what I did and get an idea for a better version of the project they could do themselves. If you do that, send me a comment or an email — I’d love to see what you did!  You can download the project report by clicking on this link: Does WiFi Affect Plants 6th Grade Science Fair Project by Kameron Badgers


4 thoughts on “North Dallas Regional Elementary School Science Fair

  1. Hello!
    I really love your project. In fact, I was in the regionals and saw yours it was amazing!!!!! I thought for sure that this would win.
    Sadly, I didn’t win, but I have ideas for next years!!!

    P.S.- Last year was the same, I saw yours (Popcorn Crazy) I got honarable mention that year:)

  2. This will be my last year for science fair, I think. I am going to an arts magnet school next year, and they don’t compete in science fair. Good luck with your project next year, and thanks for the kind words about my project.

  3. Thanks! Next year I will be in the junior high regional science fair (7th) and will have a lot more competition (it is necessary) but I will try my hardest! Good luck in your magnet school!

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