Three New Video Clips

Last week, I filmed some scenes with writer, director, and actor Del Shores.  Here are the clips.

In this scene, called Family Tragedy, I play a kid who’s been at his grandmother’s funeral, and then at a family gathering at his grandmother’s house after the funeral. His whole family has been saying all kinds of things about his grandmother and he’s had just about enough. So he stands up to have his say.

In this scene, called The Confident Actor, I play a kid who thinks he’s a good actor and singer — but isn’t. I may not be the next American Idol, but I can sing better than I do here. I’m supposed to be singing off key! I think it’s funny, and hope you will, too.

In this scene, called the Yelling Out the Window (Bike Thief), I was asked to improvise what I’d do if I was in the kitchen and saw someone stealing my bike. There was no script, and Del Shores just told me to “Be loud, be angry, and try to get your mom’s attention.”

They will all be edited before they are used as part of a demo reel. Jeffry Chaffin was the videographer on this shoot, and he might edit the demo reel for me if Todd Jenkins is too busy to do it. I love working with Todd — he edited the demo reel I have now, and has filmed some auditions for me. But he’s busy directing some stuff right now, so he might not have time to do the editing for me.

Either way, I am sure that once a great editor like Todd or Jeffry gets done with it, the new clips will look really good as part of a reel.

I would really like some comments or thoughts about these clips. Should I add them to my demo reel? Wait for the footage from Ghede Origins and Daylights End and Gallows Road to come out? I like them — do you?

4 thoughts on “Three New Video Clips

  1. Kameron:
    Your grandmother’s post on FB led me to these great clips. You do an absolutely amazing job! I don’t know anything about the business of being an actor but these clips show a range and skill you have every reason to be proud of. To use these or wait is your call. The work here would do credit to an actor with years more experience. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you in many more films in the years to come.

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