On Set with Del Shores

Del Shores is a writer, producer, director and actor. Take a look at his credits from his IMDB page:

  • Southern Baptist Sissies
  • Queer as Folk
  • Dharma & Greg
  • Sordid Lives
  • Tinsel Town
  • Touched by an Angel

One of the things he does is set up “reel shoots” where actors get together and film scenes that he has written so they can get footage for their demo reels. I spent the day doing that today, filming three different scenes.

He was super nice, and gave really good direction. I can’t wait to see the footage, and will share it when I can.  Here are some pictures from one of the scenes we filmed today. I had to get all dressed up, but it was pretty fun anyway. If you are a beginning actor — or you just need some different kinds of footage for your demo reel — this is a great way to get it.

We were filming in a really pretty house owned by Sadie McGoodwin. She played my mom in a TV pilot called “The Bogeyman” that I filmed last year with Shane Shuma. She came in and hugged me and said it was good to see me again. I meet the nicest people on film sets!

Today was the same: I met some really nice people. Del Shores was great to work with, and so was the videographer, Jeff Chaffin and all the other actors I met today.

Del Shores working with child actor Kameron Badgers

Director Del Shores is giving me some advice — he said I was good, but I need to have more faith in myself.

Kameron Badgers on set

The director asked me to “look bored”. That’s easy!

Child Actor Kameron Badgers Listening to Director Del Shores

The person who holds up a slate and snaps it to say “Action” is very important.  They use the pictures of the slates to help them keep track of all the scenes. Each scene is numbered, and so is every “take” (every time you film the same scene). There’s a schedule for each day’s shooting — you don’t shoot things in the order the audience sees them in the movie. You shoot them in the order that makes sense for the sets, the time of day, the location, and the costumes.

2 thoughts on “On Set with Del Shores

  1. I am looking to find an agent for my daughter and was hoping to get some advice since you have had success. My daughter has been cast for 4 shows in youth performing arts but has an amazing voice and tells me everyday she wants to be on tv. I took her to cast hub audition but felt it was more of a money maker. I want a legitimate agency

  2. Hi, Ms. Edwards,

    My grandma has written a lot on her blog about how to get an agent, how to help a kid get started in acting, and CastHug or Casting Hub. Her blog is at http://www.debmcalister.com.

    There is a whole category of posts under Acting that might answer your question better than I could.

    Good luck!

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