Ice Cream: Saturday Night Show May 18, 2013

3 down, just one more to go! The first three shows of the Lone Star Circus School’s student show Ice Cream have been amazing. Of course, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s show because I have three acts in that one. 

As usual, I can’t begin to tell you what I liked best about the Saturday night show, although Annika Cline and Dominique Azan were great on silks. They’re in my advanced circus class, and I’ve seen their act a lot of times — but when they’re in costume, with headdresses and jewels on their faces, it’s show business. Not just a couple of talented teenagers at the gym. So it’s special when the lights come on.

Here are some photos my grandma took of the show. (The only bad part about being in a show is that you only ever get to see it on video or during rehearsals — because you’re backstage, being quiet and warming up, while the show is actually happening.)     

The Lone Star Circus got a new contortion coach this year.  Her name is Vita Bachman, and she’s a very famous circus performer. Everyone in the advanced circus class has to take a half hour contortion class on Saturday morning. Fanny Kerwich, the director, says it’s good for us to build strength and our core muscles.

I believe Fanny, because my muscles are sore after every class. But I will never be a graceful, flexible contortionist. But Vita, Laura Smith, and Cassondra — as well as our other coaches Kelly Shea, Alora Scavella, and Truett Adams — have certainly taught me more than I ever thought I’d learn.

But when I saw Gitana (Gigi) Doyle, and Brittany Austin performing in the show with Laura Smith, it really made me thing.  Gigi and Brittany are in my class.  But I can’t do a fraction of the things they can do. I think there is going to be a few more sore muscles in my future if I am going to be able to keep up with that class!

Lone Star Circus School May 18 2013

Jesse Patterson (L) has a finale where she uses 20 hula hoops. It always has the crowd roaring. Zerp (Nick Rainone) (center) is using his “thinking” pose during one of his routines. He is hilarious. I don’t know the name of this young trapeze artist, but I wanted to show how the younger, less experienced kids always have a spotter who can help them (or catch them) if necessary. This little girl didn’t need any help — she was very good.

Zerp, Slappy, and Monday

Put three clowns in one show, and you’re sure to have people laughing, especially if the three clowns are Zerp (Nick Rainone), Slappy (Tiffany Riley) and Monday (Dick Monday).

Contortionist Brittany Austin

Everyone in the advanced circus class has to take contortion. It’s good to build strength and conditioning. I know that, but I am the worst kid in the class. Brittany Austin is probably the best (although some of the other girls are almost as good). She makes it look easy, but it isn’t.

Kameron Badgers at the Lone Star Circus