Ice Cream: Final Performance Sunday, May 19

Well, it’s over. The final curtain closed on the 2013 student show of the Lone Star Circus this afternoon. This was my third year in the show, and I think it’s the best yet.

Today was the show I had been waiting for because I got to perform on the aerial silks, do my diabolo juggling routine (the same as in the other shows), and do a really cool comedy juggling routine with Grace Farrelly and Zoe Gameros. It was a lot of fun, and we got to work with Dick Monday, one of the best clowns in the world.  He showed us how to turn a relatively simple juggling routine (I juggle three balls, Grace balances on a ball and juggles scarves and exchanges them with me, and Zoe does hula hoops and ribbon) into a funny act that had the audience laughing out loud. I like it when they laugh — if I’m trying to be funny.

Here are some pictures and videos from today’s show. The pictures have captions, but WordPress doesn’t let you put captions on videos.  The videos are of:

  • Me performing with Grace and Zoe
  • The grand finale of the Sunday show, where every performer comes out to take one last bow
  • Me performing with Grace on silks — we are considered “intermediate” silks performers

I am going to take a few weeks off from circus class, but we start work again on June 10!

Backstage at Lone Star Circus School's student show

Cher Hukill is a professional make-up artist for movies, music videos and commercials. She and volunteers like Xarxe Rust-Stanton and Jill Storey have a regular assembly line going back stage to get everyone into costume, make-up (yes, even the boys), and get their hair done. The last step is glitter and jewels for most of the performers. I didn’t have to have jewels or glitter this year — I was glad.

Lone Star Circus School student show 2013

Grace has really good comedy timing – this is one part of our act where she’s pretending to be my assistant — just before we trade places and I become her assistant while she juggles while balancing on a ball. 

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