Ice Cream: Saturday Matinee May 18, 2013

Two down, two to go! We’re at the halfway point in the Lone Star Circus School’s student show for 2013.  It’s called Ice Cream. I can’t begin to tell you how good everybody is.  So I am going to post some photos my grandma took.  My grandpa took some videos, but they’re still processing, so I’ll add them later.

Diedre and Mara Papakostas

I’ve seen Mara and Diedra Papakostas every year for 3 years, and they just keep getting better. Their tandem trapeze act was great!

Kameron Badgers at Lone Star Circus School's Ice Cream show

These are some photos of me from the Saturday Matinee. The pictures on the left and at the top are from my diabolo routine, and the other two are from the finale. That last one is me “holding the pose” while everyone else takes their bows. Your arms get tired, but it’s important to show respect for the other performers and wait quietly while they get their turn in the spotlight.

Ice Cream circus finale

These are some photos from the finale — on Friday night they dropped confetti over the whole theatre, icnluding the audience. But after that clean-up job, the confetti only went on the stage.

Lone Star Circus Student Show Ice Cream May 18, 2013

Monday (top left) was the first person to show me how to juggle or balance anything on my chin. His box-balancing routine is amazine. Laura Smith (in red), Gitana Doyle (with wings) and Brittany Austin had an amazing contortion and hand-balancing routine called “La Femme”. Chet Monday (lower right) is an amazing performer — he’s an actor, dancer, juggler, and clown (when he’s not playing sports at his school).
Slappy and Monday (lower left) always make me laugh out loud — this stunt is a variation on one of their routines. It’s hilarious when Monday pretends to spit water through Slappy’s ear and says, “See, I said there was nothing inside.” (He’s wrong — Slappy is one smart lady!)

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