Ice Cream! Lone Star Circus May 17, 2013

One down, three to go! Just got home from the first night of the Lone Star Circus School’s show, Ice Cream!  The acts were all great!

I can’t really pick just one that I liked best, but The Double Trouble Chocolate Advanced Trapeze act featuring Morgan McKenyon and Cody Fitts was definitely one of the best. Morgan and her twin sister Megan are amazing performers, and seem to be able to do everything — contortion, silks, trapeze, acrobatics. They’re good dancers and photographers, too. I will miss them next year when they go away to college. 

But the act that Morgan and Cody put together was better than anything I’ve ever seen on a stationary trapeze before. They are both so strong that they make it look easy — but I know it isn’t.  For some reason, I couldn’t upload the video my grandpa took of Morgan and Cody to the blog, or to Facebook, but YouTube took it with no problem.  Watch it here.

The audience was amazed at an act called Rocky Road Rope, featuring Dylan Walters, Clair McFadden and Brooke Glazier. They were really great.

The other act that really surprised the audience was Almond Toffee Advanced Contortion with Laura Smith, Brittany Austin, and Gitana (Gigi) Doyle.

Young boy performing on circus silks

I was so happy to see so many boys in this show! This is Andrew Sumpter on silks, but there was also Walter Dufour, Logan Toe, Chet Monday, Benjamin Chandiramani, Cody Fitts, Nick Rainone, and Dick Monday.

Jesse Patterson’s Pistachio Ice Advanced Hula Hoops act was great as always. You can see a video of that on YouTube by clicking this link. Chet and Lily Monday’s Chocolate Milkshake Juggling was great, too — Chet juggled balls, clubs, and a diabolo, when he wasn’t dancing or singing, and Lily danced, sang, and did cartwheels and flips.

I got a good reaction to my act, too.  The program called it “Juggling Java Chocolate Chip”. If you haven’t guessed by now, all the acts are named after Ice Cream flavors. There were 54 kids in this show — and six of them were boys!  Hooray!  Of couse there were also several men on stage — clowns Dick Monday and Zerp (Nick Rainone), and an amazing aerialist and acrobat named Cody Fitts.  His trapeze performance with Morgan McKenyon was amazing, and Morgan and her twin sister Megan were the opening act, too — they’re always great! 

Check out the grand finale when all the performers get to take their final bows. We always have a great time in the finale! Click the blue link to watch the video on YouTube here.

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