YouTube Videos of Ice Cream are Up!

My grandpa took some videos at this weekend’s Lone Star Circus School shows. The lighting makes it hard to see some of the faces, but the performances are great!

I uploaded some to YouTube already, and I will add more when I get time. Here’s a list of what’s up now:

  • My diabolo juggling act from Sunday, May 19.
  • Comedy juggling routine with Grace and Zoe, Sunday, May 19.
  • The cast finale from Sunday, May 19.
  • Opening act featuring Zerp, Slappy, Monday, Morgan, Megan, Brittany  and Caroline (you have to see this to believe it — it’s got clowns and dancers and contortionists, and acrobats, and even a blowgun!)
  • The Magic of Charlie Winikates (this is one 6-year-old magician who knows how to put on a show! He showed a lot more tricks in his audition, but the director wanted to keep it short, and added in the music and his two “assistants” — our coach, Alora Scavulo, and Nic Rainone as Zerp)
  • Intermediate Silks (Note to my grandpa Jerry: I come on at about 5:36. But please don’t skip through everyone else — there are some great performers in my class. Check out Rosemary Roddy — she’s in the red and gold, on the blue silks on the left side of the screen, and she’s the last performer before the end. Can you believe she’s just been in circus for one year?)
  • Slappy & Monday Triangle Science (I love these clowns! They were the first people who taught me about circus when I went to their summer day camp in 2010. Really smart, great teachers, and great performers.)
  • Morgan McKenyon and Cody Fitts on Trapeze (Morgan and her twin sister Megan are both great performers, and they’re very nice, too. They are high school seniors, and I will miss them when they leave for college next year!)
  • Cast Finale, Saturday Matinee (May 18) (Yes, the finales are pretty much the same in each show, but it’s the only place where all the kids over age 6 who performed in the show get to take a bow together, so I am going to post the finale videos of all the shows. The little performers — 3 to 6 years old, depending on how mature they are — come out first and perform, and then go and sit with their parents for the rest of the show, so they aren’t in the finale.)
  • Jesse Patterson’s Hula Hoops (May 17)
  • Chet and Lily Monday (May 1 9) (I never told Chet this, but the first day I came to circus camp back in 2010, he scared me. I remember walking in, and there was this guy not much taller than me who was juggling and spinning a diabolo and he was just so cool. I didn’t realize that his parents were Slappy and Monday — the performers who ran the day camp — and that he’d been performing his whole life. But he is really nice, and he’s always willing to practice with me or show me stuff, and he and Lily are really great performers.)
  • Finale, Friday Night (May 17)

I don’t have all of the videos up yet — it’s very slow on my computer. But I will add more to this same post when I can.

Update:  I posted a really cool video of Laura Smith, Brittany Austin, and Gitana (Gigi) Doyle performing a contortion routine, but YouTube blocked it when the owner of the copyright on their music filed a complaint with YouTube. Here’s what it said:


Dear Kameron Badgers,

Your video “Lone Star Circus School Contortion Sunday May 19“, may have content that is owned or licensed by UMG, and it has been blocked at the request of the copyright holder. This will not affect your account status as this is your first notice.

Looks like at least one other video I posted on YouTube from last weekend’s show has been blocked by the music copyright holder, too.  I don’t think I am going to post any more on YouTube right now.  I don’t want to get blocked.

So if you came looking for a video of you or your child, and it is’t here or on one of the other posts from last weekend’s shows, send me an email (my first and last name with no spaces or capital letters at, and if I have a video, I will send it to you via YouSendIt, or post it on the Lone Star Circus School’s Facebook page where you can watch it.

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