New Year — New Update

I know, it’s been MONTHS since I posted anything here. That’s because most of the acting stuff I’ve been doing is covered under non-disclosure agreements, so I can’t talk about it, and because school has been pretty hectic.

I’ve been writing a lot of music, and I’m enjoying the music production club at school. I’ve been on several really good auditions, and gotten some good callbacks and gigs, but I can’t talk about those.

Christmas was different this year.  My sister had open heart surgery at the end of November, so I spend a lot of December helping my grandparents with my 4-year-old nephew. He’s got more energy than I do for sure!

Here are some photos of the last few months. I’ll try to do better about updating the blog, but no promises.

Kameron Badgers Oct 2017

This is one of the new suits I got late in the fall. One was for homecoming, the other was for a movie premiere. I kind of like dressing up — I could get used to the whole suit and tie look.

One of the auditions I had recently called for a Boston accent. I think casting was surprised when a kid from Dallas, Texas nailed the accent — right down to the specific suburb specified in the script. I got a callback just a few minutes after the casting director saw the initial tape. What they didn’t realize is that my grandfather Gerry Badgers is a Boston native — so I just had him read the script, then imitated his accent.

Kameron Badgers Audition Image

Usually, the weeks right around Christmas are dead when it comes to auditions, but I got a call — and a callback — the week before Christmas to audition for one of the hottest series on TV right now. Can’t say more, but it was a blast! I love my agents at LMTalent! They’re the best.

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