It’s a Wrap: Free Lane Films Beyond the Bridge Completes FIlming

Kameron Badgers recording voice over for Beyond the Bridge

In the final scene of the movie, you will hear my voice reading a letter. This is what it looked like in the recording studio on Wednesday when we were recording the voice over for that.

It’s a wrap! Filming is finished on Free Lane Films dramatic short film Beyond the Bridge

I hope I get to work with the crew and cast again. Super nice people who really know what they’re doing.

Can’t wait to see the finished film! I have just three scenes in the film — at a bookstore, in an art gallery, and at “home” in my character’s bedroom — but my voice can also be heard in the last minutes of the film. The last thing I did before filming finished was to record the voice over for that scene in a cool little studio in Denton, Texas.

There is a lot of work ahead for the crew with all the editing, so I don’t know when the film will be completed and ready to watch. I’ll post video whenever I can. In the meantime, here are a few more photos from the shoot.

Kameron Badgers on the set of Free Lane Films Beyond the Bridge

This is what I looked like on the monitor the director of photography and the director were watching while we filmed. Below is what I looked like from another angle in the same scene.

Kameron Badgers on location for Beyond the Bridge

On Set Photo Free Lane Films Beyond the Bridge

This picture and the one below were taken on Sunday, but I just saw them so I am adding them to this post instead of the one about the first day of filming.

On Set Photos Free Lane Films Beyond the Bridge

Elijah Britton is the lead actor in Free Lane Films short film Beyond the Bridge. He plays a therapist trying to help a troubled kid. I’m the kid, of course. He’s very talented, and I enjoyed working with him a lot.

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