I Got Cast!

OMG — I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. I can’t say much, but I just got cast in a recurring role in a TV series!  It’s just a tiny part, but I am so excited. I start filming next week. The first episode I will be in has a very famous guest star, too. Hope I get to meet him!

I also got some footage from a movie I filmed last fall.  It’s called Missing. Can’t wait to see the whole film. I just got a few outtakes from the director today. This is a screenshot from the film. I think I look very creepy in this picture — which is cool, since it’s another film where I play a bully.

A photographer named Desmond Downs is a friend of my family, and when he saw the photo he said I look creepy because of the “Halloween lighting” — light coming upwards toward your face. I just think it’s cool.

Dallas actor Kameron Badgers on the set of Missing

One thought on “I Got Cast!

  1. Well done on the new role 🙂 We watched a series on DVD last week called “Missing” about a couple that used to be CIA agents and their son goes missing – just by coincidence.

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