Juggling in the Rain

I don’t seem to have very good luck when it comes to taping auditions for Circus Smirkus. Last year, my grandmother Beverlee died a few days before the audition tape was due, and I was sad and sick with a cold when I taped it.  It  wasn’t very good.

This year, they gave us extra time, but it’s been raining for over a week. Finally, we decided to tape it anyway, even if we had to do it in the rain. So we went to Plano, Texas (just north of where we live in Dallas), and met Todd Jenkins at a park near his house. Todd is a fabulous videographer — he tapes a lot of my audition tapes for me — and photographer, and he’s also a talented actor. Linda McAlister is his agent, too.

My juggling coach, Julio Ramazini, had helped me put together a good routine, and Todd taped it today. I had to leave out some things — it was just too slippery to try the butterfly jumps or some of the spins. Can’t wait to see the finished tape — hope it’s good!

Fingers crossed for a good audition tape for Circus Smirkus 2016! Here are a couple of still snapshots taken with an iPhone.

Dallas juggler Kameron Badgers with videographer Todd Jenkins

Dallas juggler Kameron Badgers with videographer Todd Jenkins

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