Fun Day on Set in 1860’s Costumes

I had a fun day today on the set of a film. I was dressed as an 1860’s Southern plantation owners son — part of a family that included mom, dad, and several kids.

I can’t talk much about the film itself, but I can show you a photo from the set. I kind of like how I looked in the old-time costume.  What do you think?

Kameron Badgers in costume for a film role

This is me with my on-screen family. I’ve worked with one of my “sisters”, Janessa, several times before, but I met the rest of my family for the first time today. Janessa is the girl with dark hair who is standing next to me in the picture. We had a great time!

The film was shooting in Ennis, Texas, and they had two big trailers set up outside this little Baptist Church for make-up and wardrobe.  The actors reported to the church, got into costume, and then piled into vans that took us further out into the country where the actual filming was taking place.

There were people in all kinds of costumes, from the 1800’s to the 1960’s, filming different parts of the story. I think the guys had it a lot easier than the girls. We just had to get into costumes and shoes that looked like they were from the right time period. The girls had to spend a LOT of time getting their hair done.


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