Another Sunday, Another Movie Set

It’s after 10 p.m., and I just got home from a fun day working as an extra on a movie in Fort Worth. I’m not really looking for parts as an extra, but Adam Dietrich was looking for teenagers, and I love working with him (he was on Ghede Origins and Gallows Road, too — fabulous director, art director, actor, and person! I’d work with him anytime, on anything), so I made the trip to Fort Worth on a Sunday afternoon.

It was a lot of fun.  I met some cool new people, and I got to work with a great crew. The short film is called Hinge, and we filmed it at Trimble Tech High School in Fort Worth.  The school was built over 100 years ago — they certainly don’t build schools like that anymore!  It has arched hallways and stained glass windows, and is a really cool looking building to work in.

Can’t wait to see the finished film!

Kameron Badegers walking into the green room after a take

This is me walking back into the “green room” after a take.

Actors and their Parents at Lunchtime

There is a lot of waiting around on film sets — when there are a lot of kids working, there are a lot of parents waiting around, too. This is what it looked like at lunchtime today, as the extras and their parents enjoyed the catered lunch.

dam Dietrich and actors getting ready for a take

This is Adam Dietrick talking to some of the extras between takes.

Crew of Hinge

This is the crew looking at a monitor and talking about the next take. I like to watch the crew at work while I wait in between takes — you can learn a lot that way.

Trimble Tech High School They Don't Build Them Like This Anymore

This is the hallway where we were filming — Trimble Tech High School in Fort Worth is over 100 years old. They don’t build them like this anymore!


David Ruffin and Adam Dietrick Trimble Tech HS

David Ruffin (L) is the theater teacher at Trimble Tech. He was our host for the shoot today. THis is him with Adam Dietrich, a great art director and director.







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