Home Again!

Kameron Badgers returning from Circus Smirkus Camp 2015Well, I’m home. Smirkus camp was awesome — as always. The new campsite is great. The boys are in one big cabin named after the French Mime Marcel Marceau, and the girls are in another one named after “the little clown” Charlie Chaplin.

I got home around midnight on Saturday after a long day of travel. You have to fly from Burlington Vermont to a larger city, and change planes to get to Dallas. I’ve flown through Philadelphia, Washington, and Chicago before, but this year I had a five hour layover in Newark, New Jersey.

I thought we had some hot days at Smirkus camp this year, but it’s hotter than anything here in Texas, and the air conditioning at our house is broken. So we carry big box fans around when we move from room to room. My best friend Devin really is the best — even though we told him the AC was out, he came over to spend the night yesterday, and even brought his own fan. That’s a real friend!

It will probably be a couple of weeks before we get the air conditioning fixed. But I’ll be heading for Las Vegas on August 18, so it may not be fixed before I leave.  Oh, well.


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