What a Great Week! Judas Priest, A New Look & Circus Smirkus!

Wow.  What a great week it’s been!  On Monday night, I got to go to my very first rock concert. And it wasn’t just any rock concert — it was the Texas Hippie Coalition and Judas Priest! Talk about hard rock royalty!  I got my ticket signed by the band — and we wound up in the very first row.  Thanks to Geoff McAlister, Tabetha Price and Doug Rainey, and to my buddy Duncan McAlister, for taking me along!

Judas Priest DallasKameron Badgers with Signed Judas Priest ticket stub image Judas Priest Dallas July 2015We didn’t get home until around 1;30 in the morning, but I couldn’t really sleep in on Tuesday — I had an important appointment with Saba Zehru, the mom of two of my oldest friends, Matthew and Moses Zehru. Saba owns a hair salon, and it was time for me to change my looks.  Can’t really say more about it now, but here’s what happened! Hair dye smells funny, and it feels icky.

What do you think of my new look? I kind of like it — I think.

Hair dye smells funny

Kameron Badgers New Look Black Hair July 2015I just got new headshots, but it’s ok — the color is temporary. By the time I get home from summer camp and a visit with my grandparents in Las Vegas, it should be back to its usual brown color.

On Saturday, I headed north to Vermont, for my third year at Circus Smirkus Camp, the best circus summer camp ever! This year, we’re in a brand new camp. I can’t wait to see it, but I’m glad that the “old” tents (Natalie and Mama Mia) will be there. It wouldn’t be Circus Smirkus unless you got to perform and rehearse under the big top!

Kameron Badgers Headed to Circus Smirkus Camp Session IV 2015


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