Circus Smirkus Session IV 2015 Photos

Here’s a link to the Circus Smirkus Session IV photo stream on Flickr. The camp is handling things slightly differently this year, but there are still tons of photos of camp activities. No captions or identifying information this year, however.

Here are a few photos of Kameron Badgers, taken by the camp’s PR Intern and posted to Flickr. Smirkus camp reserves “all rights” to the images, so do not share or report them. If you found this page because you were looking for photos of your child at Smirkus camp, please use this link to the photostream to find the images you want.

Circus Smirkus is in its new permanent home, and although this is Kameron’s third year at camp, it is the first in the new location. — Posted by Deb McAlister-Holland, Kameron’s grandmother, while he is at camp. Any errors are mine — don’t blame Kameron, who is in Vermont while I’m at home in Texas!

 Registration Day Session IV 2015

There were a few showers, and it was a big overcast, but all the returning campers were thrilled to see the “old” circus tents (Mama Mia is the blue & white striped tent, and Natalie is the yellow one) set up and ready to go at the new campsite.

Smirkus Camp Session IV Photos 2015

“Getting to Know You” time on Registration Day, Sunday, July 19.

Smirkus Camp Session IV Photos 2015

Morning run. (Kameron is in the maroon hoodie, to the left center in this photo.)

Smirkus Camp Session IV Photos 2015


Smirkus Camp Session IV Photos 2015

Campers on the way to dinner — Smirkus Camp’s dinner dress code calls for costumes around various themes. Themes aren’t announced until lunchtime each day, so campers pack a variety of costume pieces to use to create their unique looks.

Photo credits: All images are ©2015 by Circus Smirkus. All rights belong to the copyright holder. Do not reuse or publish without permission from the camp.

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