Watch the trailer: Ghede Origins!

I was lucky enough to film a movie called Ghede Origins at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 — and the trailer for the film just came out.  I’m so excited to see the finished film!  Hope you will be, too.

I play Brandon, one of three kids in the film. Ashla Soter played my older sister Juliet, Cassie Shea Watson played my mom Brittany, and Taylor Ernzen played my sister Christine. There were a bunch of other talented actors including Stephen Brodie as Drew, Adam Dietrich as Sarge, Juan Pablo Segundo as Antonio, and LaByron Thomas. Jenin Gonzalez was not only the stunt double for several characters, but he was the super zombie who scared everyone who saw his performance – which is kind of funny, because on set, Jenin was super nice. (Everyone was. We had so much fun filming this!)

Ian Sharar was the cinematographer and film editor, Oksana Cobb was the producer and casting director, and the writers were Raymond Carter Cantrell, Noemi Gonzalez, Troy Hart (screenplay) and Vicente Moctezuma (story).

It was an amazing experience — we got to work with the “zombie coordinator” from the Walking Dead TV show (Ben Loggins, the co-director), and some of the best Texas actors, directors, cameramen and art directors around.  Not to mention great make-up and special effects artists.  I won’t try to list everyone who was so amazing to work with, but you can see the whole list on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Here’s the trailer — let me know what you think!

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