Circus Smirkus Session IV 2014: Photos from Camp

(Kameron Badgers is at Circus Smirkus Summer Camp, Session IV.  Because of an ear infection, he’s been ordered to keep his feet firmly on the ground for the first week of camp — so no  aerials, unicycle, slack or tight wire, balance ball, rola-bola or acrobatics.  That leaves clowning and juggling.  Here are a few pictures published on the Circus Smirkus CIT Blog, or the camp’s photostream on Flickr. He’ll have more photos and probably a video or two to post when he gets back. — Deb McAlister-Holland, Kameron’s grandmother.)

Circus Smirkus Summer Camp Session IV 2014

On Sunday, July 20, a group of Smirkus campers try out the juggling props during registration.

Circus Smirkus Session IV 2014

Starting a 3-way passing circle, Sunday July 20, at Burke Mountain Academy, temporary home of Circus Smirkus Summer camp (until the new camp is finished).

Circus Smirkus Summer Camp Session IV 2014

This is a cropped version of the first day of camp group photo — obviously, Kameron and some of his friends have already been to Clown Alley, as they are all making “sad clown” faces for the camera.

Tutu Tuesday at Circus Smirkus Camp Session IV 2014

Tutu Tuesdays are a regular occurrence at Circus Smirkus camp — and everyone (all ages and genders) gets into the act. Kameron’s tutu is purple.

Butt Bounces in Clown Alley

Tandem Juggling

Practice with Nic Rainone (Zerp) put Kameron way ahead of the group when it came to tandem juggling. This snap of Kameron and Andrew juggling together was taken on Thursday of the first week.

Juggling Four Balls

Kameron is Juggling four balls in this snapshot from Thursday July 24 2014.

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