It’s a Wrap: Ghede Origins

I spent most of the day yesterday at Children’s Medical Center, getting my foot x-rayed and put into a “boot”. It was opening night for Charivari — the Lone Star Circus’s annual holiday show, but for the first time in 5 years, I wasn’t performing.

The doctor did say that I could take the boot off for the last few scenes of the movie Ghede Origins. That made me happy. I would have hated it if I wasn’t in the last scene where my character and his sisters are trying to escape from the zombie horde! And, boy, were there hordes of zombies on set last night. At least 50 of them — Javier Fierros, the production assistant (PA) who was keeping track of them told me there were 55 “regular” zombies on set plus some “normals” in the process of becoming zombies.

This was a great experience. Everyone was super nice, super professional. I got to learn how to walk like a zombie from Ben Loggins,  the stunt coordinator on The Walking Dead.  I got to work with a great director (Vincent Moctezuma), some amazing camera people and crew members (Raymond Cantrell, Oksana Cobb, Adam Dietrich, Noemi Gonzalez, Ian Sharar,Hobie Thompson, and so many more!), and an amazing cast.

  • Cassie Shea Watson played Brittany, my on-screen mom
  • Adam Dietrich played Sarge, a mercenary who helps to save my family
  • Ashla Soter played Juliet, my on-screen oldest sister
  • Taylor Ernzen played Christine, my on-screen sister
  • Jenin Gonzalez played several parts and did a ton of amazing Parkour stunts
  • My friends Dakota and Corey Buchanan were zombies in the movie

There were so many amazing people on set, from the PAs (Karis Ford and Javier Fierros) to the amazing make-up artists (Kela Farmer), to all the people who came out to become zombies. I know I forgot some important people, so please forgive me. Just because I didn’t list everybody doesn’t mean I didn’t learn a lot from you — or that I didn’t enjoy working with you.

There wasn’t anyone on this film I wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with again — anytime, on any project. I hope we all get the chance to work together again soon!

I wasn’t feeling very good last night when we filmed the last few scenes, so in between takes I just sat and rested my sore ankle. But I still had fun. I’m excited that the film goes into post-production now to be edited, and I can’t wait to see it.  But I am going to miss all the people I met on this set. So much fun!

Here are some of the photos from last night — all of them are from the film’s Facebook page, because my grandma didn’t bring her camera last night.

On set photos Ghede Origins

You can’t see me — I’m in the back seat of the jeep — but you can make out my “big sisters” Juliet (Ashla Soter) and Christine (Taylor Ernzen) in the front seat. We’re about to try to escape from the zombies — and run over a few on the way out.

On set photos Ghede Origins

This is a scene from the movie where my mom (Cassie Shea Watson) is about to head to work when she spots a bite mark on my arm. She’s not all that worried, because she doesn’t know about the zombie virus — yet.

On set photos Ghede Origins

Who knew zombies liked Sunkist? The truth is, being a zombie extra in a movie is hard work, so the people who were wearing the zombie make-up would eat and drink almost anything when they got the chance! Luckily, the catering on this film was very good, and no one went hungry. Not even the zombies!

On set photos Ghede Origins

This photo was taken for my acting coach, Nancy Chartier. Everyone in the photo — Ashla Soter, Corey Buchanan, Dakota Buchanan, and Taylor Ernzen (with moms Dixie Buchanan and Jessica Soter photo-bombing the kids) takes classes at Nancy Chartier Studio. So do I — she’s the best!

On set photos Ghede Origins

This is Ben Loggins, who was the stunt coordinator and zombie coach on Ghede Origins. He works on The Walking Dead TV series, too, and was our resident zombie expert. (Isn’t that a cool job? “Zombie coach” or “Zombie expert”.)

On set photos Ghede Origins

This is my on-screen mom, Brittany, played by the amazing actress Cassie Shea Watson. She fights like a wildcat to make sure her three kids stay safe in this movie!

On set photos Ghede Origins

The director, Vincent Moctezuma, giving me and Cassie Shea Watson some instructions before a scene. He was great to work with — he explained exactly what he wanted, so we never had to guess. Even when they rewrote scenes at the last-minute (they always do on films), there was never any confusion. I’d work for him again any time — he makes an actor’s job easier!

Photo credits: All of the photos on this blog post are from the Ghede Origins Facebook page, and are used with permission.  I don’t own them!

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