A Christmas Present I Didn’t Want

I got some great presents this Christmas. My mom got me an Android tablet. My Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Patsy got me clothes, gift cards, some books I really wanted, and a pull-up bar for the house so I don’t have to go to the gym every day to work on my core strength.

My Grandpa Fred and Grandma Deb got me some lighted juggling rings I’d been wanting, and a huge trampoline. (There were lots of other presents from friends and family, too, but this post isn’t about the wonderful gifts.)

And then there was the Christmas present I didn’t want: a sprained ankle with a hairline fracture across the growth plate on my right foot.  Yes, I got it on the trampoline. No, I didn’t fall off the trampoline (there is a huge net around it), and I didn’t put my foot through the springs (the springs are covered). I just landed a flip wrong, and I heard it pop.

So my new trampoline is just sitting there. In the sunshine. Looking wonderful.  And I’m sitting here, inside. Being grumpy.

Backflip technique

My cousin Zach McAlister (he’s 22) and my uncle Jason McAlister put the trampoline together for me. Then Zach demonstrated his backflip skills for me. We had fun — for about an hour.

Sprained cracked ankle in boot

I have to wear the boot for a week, until I see the orthopedist right after New Year’s. Then they’ll decide how long I have to wear it, or whether I need to move into a cast.





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