Circus Smirkus, Here I Come!

I am so excited! The summer before last, my friend Jesse Patterson went to summer camp at Circus Smirkus, and told us about how cool it was when she got back.

Last year, I went to another circus camp because Circus Smirkus was already full.  And I was really, really hoping to go this year — but again, it filled up before I got my application in.

They just sent an email today: I made it off the wait list for Session IV — that’s the one for kids 10-17 who have been to Circus Smirkus for two years or have “equivalent skills”.  Camp is July 21 through August 2.

60 days to go! That seems like forever…wonder if it’s too early to start packing?


2 thoughts on “Circus Smirkus, Here I Come!

  1. Kameron, Glad you are so excited about coming, We are looking forward to having you as well.

  2. Thank you! Jeff Gordon (Mr. Gordoon), and Jesse Patterson both told me how great Circus Smirkus is, and I’ve watched some of the audition videos and performance videos on YouTube. Wow!

    47 days to go…I’m counting! I just turned 12, so if I am lucky, maybe next year I can be in the show, too.

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