WE’ve Got Talent 2013

Wallace Elementary School Talent Show 2013

From left, this is me during my performance, me and Haley Chronister with our director Jill Holmes, and the second grade Surfin’ Safari performance that was the perfect grand finale for the show.

I’m a Wallace Elementary School Wolverine. Our school has T-shirts that say, “WE Rocks” and “WE’ve Got Talent”, and we certainly proved that last night with the annual student talent show. I wish I could post videos and photos of everybody who performed, because they were all great. (The PTA website has photos of the whole show — you can see them here: http://wallacepta.org/gab_gallery/wallace-talent-show-spring-2013/#)

Haley Chronister and I were the Emcees for the show, and a total of 21 acts performed. The PTA volunteer who was our director, Jill Holmes, did a great job getting everything ready and rehearsing with all the acts.

Shows never seem to go off without a surprise. I was the Emcee for the first part of the show, and we were using a borrowed sound system. The first time I picked up a mike stand to move it, we got horrible, loud feedback — and it happened twice in a few seconds. The second time it was so loud the whole audience groaned out loud, and I jumped back, putting my hand over the ear that was closest to the mike.

I said, “Wow — that was unexpected!  Is everybody okay?” and got a laugh from the audience. The man who loaned us the sound system ran up and fixed it so it didn’t happen again. I think I pronounced everybody’s name right, and I didn’t trip over the microphone cord, so I was happy.

Talented Kids

After a show, everybody always asks who my favorite act was. This year,there were so many great acts, I couldn’t possibly pick just one!

Sometimes there’s an act or two that isn’t quite ready, but not this year. Everyone was good, but some of them were absolutely AMAZING.  Elicio Govea brought the house down with his dance routine to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.”  This wasn’t just a kid imitating the moon walk.  This was a great dancer showing his stuff. 

My friend Sarah and her group Electric Blue showed the audience that a 5th grader can have a great singing voice. Kay Meh and Angel’s dance routine was fantastic, too.  Kay Meh has been in my class for several years, but I never knew that she was a contortionist.  She did things on that stage that the girls at Lone Star Circus struggle with and I won’t even try.  Wow. Just wow.

Some of the other acts I liked a lot were:

  • Singers Rejoice and Loving, Amber Bowen, Victoria & Bryanna, Tanner Braziel, Destiny’s Child, and Jonathan & Alicia.
  • Dancers Jeremiah and Alley,  Sheila AnnTechno 4, The Highlighters, and the Three Musketeers.
  • Pianists Quang Le, Haley Chronister, Josh Braziel and Will Chronister, and guitarist Lydia Louder.

The second grade presentation of Surfin’ Safari was the grand finale — hula hoops, dancers, singers, and surfers filled the stage and had everybody smiling until the music changed into the theme from Jaws and, well, I hate to give away the ending but it was the perfect end to the show!

I performed, too. I’m glad I did my routine to Michael Jackson’s Dangerous before Elicio performed to Smooth Criminal, and I am very glad I didn’t use the same music as he did. I love my diabolo and hat spinning routine, but I wouldn’t want to be compared to Elicio. He is so good! 

Here are some photos and a video from WE’ve Got Talent 2013. I had a great time at the show, and afterwards, my grandparents took me out to the Macaroni Grill for dinner to celebrate. Mmmm — Shrimp Rustica!

Wallace Elementary School Talent Show montage 1

(Clockwise from upper left) Elicio Govea attracted his own fan club with his AMAZING dance routine to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”, Kay Meh and Angel’s hip hop dance and contortion routine surprised everyone, Rejoice & Loving showed their moves like Jagger in song and dance, Sarah’s voice and Electric Blue’s dance moves wowed the audience, and Jonathan defied gravity with his song from the Broadway musical Wicked.

Wallace Elementary School Talent Show 2013

I had fun as the Emcee for the first half of the talent show — except when loud mike feedback scared everybody. Clockwise from left, I’m introducing Quong Lee, reacting to the mike feedback while introducing Lydia Louder, talking to Kay Meh, and introducing The Highlighters.

Update:  Wow! The Lake Highlands Advocate came to my blog and used some of the pictures from it in the magazine.  How exciting!  I’m glad that they are sharing how talented all the kids from the talent show were, and I think that there will be more photos in next month’s print version of the magazine. Here’s the link to the article they posted so far:  http://lakehighlands.advocatemag.com/2013/05/why-isnt-this-wallace-elementary-student-famous-yet/


4 thoughts on “WE’ve Got Talent 2013

  1. Way to go Wallace Elementary! Looks like a good time was had by all.
    (old Wallace Mom)

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