Searching Serenity Movie Premiere May 7!

Last fall, I had my first line in a movie called Searching Serenity.  It’s a student film by Rustin Rodgers, a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to come out, and we finally got the date for the premiere:  May 7-8 at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art.

The film will be part of the annual UT Arlington student film festival called Underexposed.   I only say two words in the movie (“Sorry, man”), but we had a lot of fun filming it. 

When he was raising money to finish his film, Rustin posted a trailer on Indiegogo.  I’m not in the trailer, but I’m excited about the film.  Come and see it in May!

Searching Serenity

The director (Russ — in the red hoodie)is having us do a run-through. My back is turned, because I’m facing Andrew, the lead character.

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