Building the Death Star

I was just 7 when I saw the pictures of the Lego Death Star in a Lego magazine.  And I asked for it for every birthday and every Christmas since.  The answer was always, “That thing costs $400!”

So this year, I didn’t ask for it.  So I was very surprised when I opened the biggest package under the Christmas tree, and there it was.  All 3,803 pieces plus 23 mini-figures (characters).

There are four big boxes of parts.  I’m not done with the first box of parts yet — and I’m on page 56 of over 300 pages of instructions.  What a great present!

Lego Death Star

I have a built-in desk to build Legos on in my room, but my cousin is staying in my room over Christmas, so I am building the Death star on the dining room table.

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