Cirque Banquiste: Opening Night

Just got home from opening night at Cirque Banquisté.  What an amazing show!

I can’t believe how good it is — and there are still tickets left for the 7 remaining shows!  You can buy tickets at — be sure to come early to see the pre-show!

Chet Monday and I wound up on WFAA TV (Channel 8) with Mr. Gordoon and the Cartoon Poodles — you can see the video on the TV station’s website by clicking here:

As usual, my grandma took some pictures of me, so here’s one.  I like the way the balls look almost transparent in this photo — but they aren’t.  They’re solid, hard, bouncy rubber.  It’s just an optical illusion that lets you see my face “through” them.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show!

I call this my "Captain Sparkles" jacket.

I call this my “Captain Sparkles” jacket.

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