Booked it!

Next week, I will be taping a guest starring role on a network TV series. As usual, I can’t give specifics, but this one will air pretty quickly, as the producers are taping only a few weeks before air time.

I’m excited. It isn’t a big part, but the series is pretty popular and the director has a great reputation. I’ve worked for this production company before, and they’re great.

One of the best parts is that it’s a murder mystery, and for once I’m not the victim or the good kid. I’m not the killer, either, but I’m part of a gang. It will be my first time doing that — casting directors usually take one look at me and cast me as a “good boy”, which is fine. But this is a historical drama — set in the 1970’s — and evidently gang members didn’t look quite as scary back then as they do now. I’m excited about this gig, and I can’t wait to get to work.

Right after we wrap, I’m headed off to Circus Smirkus for camp, followed by a trip to Las Vegas to visit my grandparents there. So I won’t be back until the beginning of September.

My grandmother will probably post some photos from Circus Smirkus while I’m gone, but this will be my last post until September. So enjoy the rest of your summer — I know that I will enjoy mine!

Filming a TV show is always fun, and there’s almost nothing more fun than Circus Smirkus — and Las Vegas with my grandparents is always great, too.  So it will be busy for the next few weeks, but I love being busy with fun stuff!



4 thoughts on “Booked it!

  1. I enjoy keeping up with you interesting and exciting world. Hope that (regular) school is one of the things that you are still able to juggle in your schedule. Have fun! Ted Munger

  2. Thank you! I am kind looking forward to high school, just not the hassle of getting in trouble for missing too any days of school.

    I don’t think that the “10 day rule” makes sense for kids like me who keep good grades and attend school on sets part of the time. All teenagers aren’t the sae, and we shouldn’t be sent to truancy court just because we miss more than 10 days of school — not as long as we do the work.

    But aside from that, I think I will enjoy high school. I hope so!

  3. Kameron I am so thrilled. I know my Santa Mike would be so excited for you and proud of you. I know you will do great.

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