I Got Cast — But I Can’t Talk About It!

Kameron Badgers

Excited I got cast in a cool picture. Wish I could tell you about it, but that will have to wait!

I love getting emails that start with the words, “We’d like to offer Kameron Badgers the role of….”  Got a nice one today, but as usual, it came with a release form that says I can’t say what part I got, when it’s filming, who I’ll be working with, or anything else about it.

But I am sure it will be fun. It’s for the production company that filmed one of the very first things I filmed after I signed with my agent, Linda McAlister Talent. They are amazing, and they do a lot of work here in Texas, so I am excited to get the chance to work with them again.

So the next few weeks will be busy, with four Lone Star Circus shows this week, some live shows in early June for a director I’ve worked with before, and this shoot.

3 thoughts on “I Got Cast — But I Can’t Talk About It!

  1. LOL — I got them for my birthday. I think it’s ok to say that the film is a “costume drama”, so even if my character wore glasses, they wouldn’t be black plastic frames. Actually, I’m wearing them tonight in a circus show, with a wig and some Samaurai robes, to make me look more like my juggling coach, Julio. His glasses are almost like these. But I won’t be wearing these in the movie.

  2. During weddings some photographers ask family members who wear glasses to wear empty frames during the wedding. That way there are no reflections in the glass and the person doesn’t look different since everyone knows them with their glasses on.

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