In the Studio: Voice Over Taping

Dallas actor Kameron Badgers

This is what I look like when I’m making a “menacing breathing” sound, I guess!

I don’t do a lot of voice over work. But I had a lot of fun today doing some “pick up” voice over taping for a movie I am in called Missing. (It will premiere on June 9 at the Angelika Theater here in Dallas – more details to come later!)

It was really, really windy the day we filmed some of the scenes for the film. We were in a park, and the sound quality just wasn’t what the director wanted.  So she asked me to come in and re-record a few lines, some laughter, and some “menacing heavy breathing”.  I was hoping for a kind of Darth Vader sound, but that isn’t what she wanted — so a few jumping jacks and push ups was enough to give her the breathy sound she wanted.

Dallas actor Kameron Badgers recording a voice over

Doing a voice over is kind of like recording a song. You’re all by yourself in a sound-proof room, with headphones on so you can hear the sound guy and the director, and a teleprompter so you can read the words. Everyone else is on the other side of the glass. And you just keep doing your lines until they sound guy is satisfied that he has what he needs.

Dallas actor Kameron Badgers

Finished! The director of this film, Maria Golihar, is so cool to work with! She knows exactly what she wants, and gives really clear direction, so it’s easy to get things done quickly.

2 thoughts on “In the Studio: Voice Over Taping

  1. This reminds me of a comment I read on a discussion about windy days where someone suggested using a “dead cat”. It was only after some research that I found out that is exactly what they call that big hairy thing they put over a microphone on windy days 🙂

  2. LOL — yeah. The Rode Deadcat wind cover is a common brand. They make them in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I wonder how it got its name? I heard one sound guy call a really big one a Dead Yeti.

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