Changed: A Short Film Where I Play a Bully

I don’t like bullies. I’ve been bullied, and I’d never treat anyone the way you will see me treating the main character in Jackie Haidar’s short film, Changed.

But I have to admit, it was fun to play a bully in this movie — it was my first time to be a bully. I’m usually cast as the victim, because I’m short — but in this movie, both of the “bullies” (me and August Jaeggli) were smaller than the “victim”. That’s a nice twist, I think, and it’s very true to life. You can’t always spot the bully by how he or she looks.

I got the chance to see it yesterday, and it is awesome! It will be released in January, and I’ll post a link to the video as soon as I can. For now, all I can share is a couple of screenshots, though.

This was a fun little project to work on — the crew and cast were great to work with, and everything was very well organized. We did have a visit from the police, however — someone in the neighborhood where we were filming called the police! But once we explained what was going on, they wished us good luck and we went back to work.

It isn’t the first time the (real) police have shown up when I was filming. During the filming of Ghede Origins a couple of years ago, the Grand Prairie police cruised up and down the alleys while we were filming — I think they enjoyed watching the zombies and stuntmen as much as I did. Even when we were filming late at night, neighbors would come out and stand in the cold to watch.

Kameron Badgers on set in Changed

This is me playing a bully who picks on the film’s lead character, Junior. Carter Vance played Junior — he was great to work with, and very talented.



2 thoughts on “Changed: A Short Film Where I Play a Bully

  1. It must be difficult acting like something you aren’t, especially when you don’t approve of it 🙂

  2. Well, there are some things I wouldn’t do on film. And there are some things my family won’t let me do. We got a script recently where there was a lot of bad language, and the 13-year-old character did some things that I’d never do. When that happens, you just tell your agent that you want to pass on the audition, and it’s cool.

    Being a bully was actually easy. The director on this film knew exactly what she wanted, and gave really clear direction. We shot it in a single afternoon, with only a few takes.

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