Busy Week: Two Days of Filming, Two Auditions, Lots of Schoolwork

Kameron Badgers Audition Taping Screen Capture

This is me laughing at something Cathryn Hartt said when we were getting ready to tape my audition. I am so lucky to work with such great coaches and teachers!

It’s Monday, and I’m already tired. Last week was one of the busiest I’ve ever had. I had two auditions, two days of filming plus a table read, and a ton of schoolwork, including a big math test.

I can’t talk about the two auditions or the theatrical film I was in last week, except to say that I had fun with all of them.  One of the kids who was in this film with me was also in the last movie I worked on — that time both of us played bullies, which is kind of funny because he’s even shorter than I am. But this time, he played the kid being bullied, and I was a bully again.

I don’t really like being a bully, but I’ve been bullied, so I know how they act. I guess that’s why I’ve been cast as a bully several times now. I’m still just 5’3″ tall, but I know how to look intimidating because I’ve learned from real bullies.

I like comedy better, I think. One of the auditions I did was really funny. Cathryn Hartt taped it for me — usually Nancy Chartier or Todd Jenkins do my audition tapes, but both of them were out of town this weekend. So Cathryn worked me in at the last minute. I had a ball taping it — she is so funny, and I walked out of the audition thinking that it might be the best comedy audition I’ve ever done.  Fingers crossed!

You never know what a casting director will like, but at least I had fun taping it!  Here’s a picture, a screen capture from the audition tape. I know, I look silly, but that’s the point of comedy, sometimes.

Kameron Badgers screen capture comedy

I was on set a lot over the last two weeks, so I am behind on schoolwork. The rest of this week will be filled with that. Then, on Saturday, we’ll finish my part of the filming for the movie we started last weekend.



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