The Trouble with Being IN the Lone Star Circus Shows

Every year, I love performing with the Lone Star Circus. There’s just one problem. When you’re IN the show, you don’t get to SEE the show. I get to see my friends in rehearsals (sometimes), and you always get to meet fabulous people backstage.

But every year, my grandmother takes a bunch of photos and videos, and I think, “Wow, I wish I’d seen that act!” (But not enough to give up performing myself!)

So here are some of the photos from of this weekend’s performances of the Lone Star Circus show Cha Cha Cha — I had a blast. And there are just 364 days left until next year’s show!

Fanny Kerwich Lone Star Circus Quick Change routine

When Fanny Kerwich, founder and creative director at the Lone Star Circus, went on stage near the end of the show, you could hear the crowd roaring their approval. I’ve never seen her quick-change routine, but the pictures show that she changed costumes 6 or 7 times in under 3 minutes — every time using a smaller “changing booth”, until the last time, she changed behind a shower of glitter.

Asaf Moore Lone Star Circus Aerial Rope

It’s just a single rope, suspended from the ceiling. But when Asaf Mor performs on it, it’s a whole lot more than that. I sneaked a look at his amazing routine, and he made it look easy and fun. But it’s not. He climbed that rope (about 25′ each time) hand over hand, legs perfectly outstretched half a dozen times during his routine, and his roll-downs were amazing. I can’t imagine how strong he has to be to make it look that easy! And he was really nice back stage, too.

Frank Chapman Lone Star Circus Aerial Hoop - Lyra

Frank Chapman is another super strong performer who makes really hard stunts look easy and beautiful. He’s a former Marine now attending college, and after five shows this weekend, he had to head back to school for finals today. But he never stopped smiling and being nice to all the kids backstage!

Wesley Mathewson Lone Star Circus Cyr Wheel

The cyr wheel hasn’t been in circuses as long as some of the other apparatus. One of the reasons may be just how much work and strength it takes to spin around in a metal ring. But Wesley Mathewson makes it look fun and easy! It isn’t easy, but it is fun.

Lone Star Circus Cha Cha Cha May 2015

Kelli Brown and Julio Furlan were hilarious — and great jugglers, too. Dancers Sandra Delara and Robert Lay showed the difference between professional dancers and the rest of us! I hadn’t seen Layla Babahaji’s hula hoop skills in nearly two years, and the change was amazing. What a talented girl!

Lone Star Circus Cha Cha Cha May 2015 Lone Star Circus Cha Cha Cha May 2015 Lone Star Circus Cha Cha Cha May 2015

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