It’s Circus Week!

It’s circus week around our house.That means late nights and lots of work, but I love being backstage during rehearsals and show, and I love getting to work with the amazing coaches and performers at the Lone Star Circus. I only get to see some of the adult performers a few times a year around shows, and it’s really great to get to talk to and learn from them this week.

Kameron Badgers with Lighted Diabolo

I love the way my diabolo looks in the dark. This photo is from last year — I can’t give away the details of this week’s performance, but it has some cool new tricks in it that I couldn’t do last year!

I’m practicing for two acts — a group juggling act with my friends Thomas and Charlie, and a solo — for this weekend’s Lone Star Circus show Cha Cha Cha at the Granville Performing Arts Center in Garland.  My grandma is mending costumes (she volunteers, since with more than 130 kids in the show, there are always a lot of ripped seams, hems to be taken up or let out, and loose sequins and rhinestones). And both of us are at the theater from 4:30 until the last run-through on the finale every day this week.

Charlie and his Diabolo

This photo is from a TV show we did last week — Charlie is wearing the costume I designed for our group act. I drew the lightning bolts, and my grandmother covered them with sequins — I have one gold lightning bolt, Thomas has one silver lightning bolt, and Charlie has both gold and silver. It was fun to design our own costumes, but I am glad I didn’t have to put the sequins on!

Shows start on Friday night, and there are two shows on Saturday, and one on Sunday. I’m not performing on Friday night, but I have solos in both Saturday shows, and our group is performing on Sunday afternoon.

My solo is knives, diabolo, clubs and four balls, with new choreography Fanny Kerwich designed to one of my favorite songs, Antigravity by Lindsay Stirling.  In the group act, I exchange clubs with Thomas, and do some cool tricks on my own. Charlie is doing diabolo tricks in the group act — he is getting really good with it, even though he’s only been practicing for a few weeks.  He’s really talented — he does silks, magic, and juggles, too. And he’s only in third grade!


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