July 4: Bent Tree Country Club Badgers and Zerp Performance

Thought I’d share some photos from Friday night’s performance at the Bent Tree Country Club. I had fun performing with Nic Rainone and we juggled, balanced things, and did comedy skits for about 3 hours. Then we watched the fireworks at the end of the evening.

There aren’t any photos of the audience, because it was a private party and we had to be careful not to get any photos of the kids and adults in the audience.  My grandpa took these photos.

The three videos are very short (about 10 seconds each). The main reason they’re so short is to avoid showing the audience — you can’t do that at a private party.

Wondering why I’m on a picnic table in one video? Why not? Clowns can get away with (almost) anything if you know how to read your audience. I wouldn’t have done it if there was food on the table, or if people had been sitting down at the table.

Badger the Clown

Zerp the Clown

Badger and Zerp Arriving at the Country Club Party

Badger & Zerp Two Handed Juggling Pair

Zerp Balancing an umbrella while Badger Juggles

Zerp balancing a chair while Badger juggles clubs

Badger and Zerp Juggling at Bent Tree Country Club

Fireworks over Bent Tree Country Club


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