6th Grade Graduation

The Richardson School District is one of just three districts in Texas where 6th grade is still part of elementary school instead of Middle School. But I am finally done with elementary school, and officially “graduated” today. Next top is Richardson West Junior High, where I’ll be in the Performing Arts and Visual Arts magnet program. It’s going to be a great summer, and next year will be epic!


2014 Wallace Elementary School 6th Grade Mrs. McCoy's Class

I thought this was a cool class photo. I’m in the box one square down and one square over from Ms. McCoy.


2014 6th Grade Class photo

One of the parents bought T-shirts for the whole sixth grade that say “Class of 2020” on the back.

Wallace Elementary School 6th grade graduation 2014

My teacher, Ms. McCoy, cried almost the whole time she was on stage. I think she is going to miss us! Ms. Yarger (the principal) is handing me my certificate in this photo.

Patricia McCoy, Wallace Elementary School, RISD

Patricia McCoy was my home room teacher for 5th and 6th grade. I really liked being in her class. Luckily, she lives near us so I will get to see her sometimes even after I leave the school.

Kameron Badgers, 6th grade graduation 2014

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