SpinFest May 17, 2014

On the third Saturday of each month,  Creative Motion hosts SpinFest.  It’s a free event where jugglers, hula hoop artists, clowns, mimes, acrobats and anyone else who enjoys circus arts gets together and plays for several hours.  You don’t need to have any particular skill — just show up and come and play with us.

There is plenty of extra gear, and people are always ready to help you learn to juggle, hula hoop or anything else you want to try. If you have your own props or gear, bring it.  If not, borrow something to try out. I always take a bag full of juggling gear, and I enjoy showing other people how to use it.

SpinFest is at Eastside Plaza in Richardson — a shopping and residential complex at the northeast corner of Central Expressway (Highway 75) and Campbell Road. We’re right in the middle — near Twisted Root Burger and 7-11, by the fountain.  This month I took my rola-bola, some juggling balls, and my clubs, and I also brought the mouth stick I got from Nic Rainone (Zerp) to spin a plate while I juggle clubs or balls.

It was the first time I’ve brought the mouth stick to SpinFest, and several kids really seemed surprised that I could spin a plate on a stick held in my mouth while I juggled.  It was fun to see their mouths drop open! One of the things I like to do whenever I get the chance is to work on my passing skills. I don’t have anybody at home or in my neighborhood to pass with, so the only time I get to practice is at the Clown Gym or SpinFest. Katsu Nakayama and Russ Sharek have been really patient with me — this month Katsu and I passed clubs for about an hour.  It was a lot of fun!

Here are some photos from SpinFest — come and join us next month!  The next SpinFest will be on Saturday, June 17 (there are 5 Saturdays in June, so it’s earlier than usual).

13-year-old juggler Kameron Badgers at SpinFestSpinning Plate with Clubs 2 Kameron Badgers Juggling at SpinFestKameron Badgers passing clubs with Katsu at SpinFest Passing Clubs with Katsu Spin Fest May 2014Spin Fest May 2014

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