Facebook, Finally!

Well, today is my birthday, and I am 13. So Facebook finally let me create a Facebook profile. I know a lot of kids younger than me who have them, but they are either “fan pages” for actors, or use a different birthday.  My grandma said I had to tell the truth in my profile, so Facebook wouldn’t let me sign in until today.

Anyway, if you want to be friends with me on Facebook, send me a friend request.

I had to go to school today even if it is my birthday – and I had to take the state STAARs test for reading. At least it wasn’t math — that was yesterday. This is the test you have to pass in order to go on to the next grade, even if you have really good grades otherwise.

You have to bring your lunch on test days, so I took a piece of birthday cake with my usual sandwich and fruit combo. It’s a “family cake” — I will get another when we have a party for some of my friends later.

I nearly fell asleep this morning when we first cut the cake — but I liked the present I got to open before school: a new rip-stick!

Sleepy Birthday Boy

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