Dallas Child: Calm Down!

I’m mentioned in this article in the March issue of Dallas Child magazine. It’s about meditation. I don’t think what I do is really meditation, it’s just a way to get my blood pressure under control when I am at the doctor — I really, really don’t like going to the doctor.


When I think about being somewhere calm and special, this is how I think of myself. It’s a picture taken summer before last while we were on vacation — it’s the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. But it could be any boat, anywhere. I love the wind in my face and the sun glittering on the water.

Kameron Badgers

Manhattan is an island, so when we are in New York, we take a lot of ferry boats. This is me on the deck of the ferry that took us to the Statue of Liberty

2 thoughts on “Dallas Child: Calm Down!

  1. My favorite pic of u. I can see why u reflect on this time and place in order to relax! I love you.


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