Excited for Saturday’s Young Actors Workshop at The Movie Institute!

Kameron Badgers Audition Tape Screen Capture

Every time I tape an audition, or work with a new teacher or director, I learn something new. This is a screen capture from an audition I taped last fall — I didn’t get the part.

Tomorrow I get to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’m going to a workshop at The Movie Institute in Dallas.  The Movie Institute is a not-for-profit school where they teach kids and teenagers how to make movies — every part of it, from writing a script to directing, running the cameras, and editing it. They also teach acting, stunts and stage combat workshops.

Every year, they have a summer camp called Kamp Hollywood. And every year, the dates conflict with Circus Smirkus or the American Youth Circus. (This year I’ll be in Vermont at Circus Smirkus — again — during Kamp Hollywood. Not that I’d miss Circus Smirkus for anything, but I do want to go to Kamp Hollywood sometime, too.) I know several kids who have gone to Kamp Hollywood — my friend Shane  went last year.  But I haven’t been.

Last year, I wanted to go to their Stage Combat class, but you have to be 13. And every time I see an event there, I am either working or in another class. Not this time! They’re having a workshop tomorrow for actors, and this time I’m going.

The workshop is called End Scene: The Young Actor’s Workshop.  It will cover:

  • Basics of solo and ensemble performance for camera.
  • How to get into character.
  • How to memorize and deliver lines.
  • Walk away with your performance on video to show to talent scouts and agents.

I’ve got a demo reel, and an agent, and I have been working on getting into character, memorizing and delivering lines, and performing for the camera for over a year in classes with Nancy Chartier. But I don’t think you can ever take too many classes or workshops.

I know I’ll learn something from tomorrow’s workshop. Every teacher is different, and they all show you something new. I’ve seen the front of The Movie Institute’s new studio at Valley View Mall.  We walk by it when I go to juggle with the Circus Freaks group on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and it looks really cool. Going to juggle with the Circus Freaks is something else I wish I got to do more often. But I have to finish all of my homework, rehearsals, after school classes, auditions, and practice by 7:30 so I can go to Circus Freaks, and a lot of nights I just don’t have it all done in time.

I can’t wait!

Update: The class was worth the wait. The teacher was great, and The Movie Institute is great. I am going to take a stunt performer’s class there next month. I’m very excited!


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