Equest Ridefest: Fundraiser Performance

Equest is a group that uses horses in therapy program for kids with special needs, injured soldiers coming back from the wars in the Middle East, and people who have had strokes or other serious injuries.

They hold a  big fundraiser called Ridefest every year to help cover the cost of keeping the horses and training the kids and volunteers, and today was the fall event. Jesse Patterson asked me to perform with her and Diedra and Mara Papakostas in the performance tent at the fund-raiser.

It was fun! Jesse’s hula hoop act is always amazing, and Diedra and Mara can do a lot of things. I love them on the trapeze, but this time we were outdoors in a tent, with no rigging, so they used a balance ball and juggled.  They’re really good!

You can learn more about Equest by clicking here — and they take donations, too. Donate by clicking here. Ridefest had quite a line up of performers today.  Here’s the schedule:

11:00am-11:20am     The Wylie High School Choir
11:20am-11:30am     Choir Strike
11:35am-11:55am     Lone Star Circus School
12:00pm-1:00pm       DJ Spins
1:05pm-1:25pm         Revelation Dance Studio Performance
1:30pm-1:50pm         Lone Star Circus School
1:55pm-2:15pm         Rockwall Stingerettes
2:15pm-2:20pm         Rockwall Toyota iPad Drawing
2:20pm-2:35pm         Parade of Champions
2:35pm-2:55pm        Gathering of Fundraiser
3:00pm-3:20pm       Amber Carrington of NBC’s “The Voice” Performance
3:20pm-3:25pm        Linda Kordek Wrap Up Remarks
3:25pm-4:00pm        DJ Spins

Here’s some pictures of our part of the show.

Lone Star Circus Performers

Performers from Lone Star Circus School at Ridefest Oct 19 2013.

Jesse Patterson 2 Jesse Patterson Kameron Knives 2 DIedre and Mara Kameron Knives Kameron Around the Leg trick Kameron Jump Rope trick

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